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We think things through

We combine a deep knowledge of corporate intelligence and business investigations with an unconditional love for technology.

We use these to boost company performance and provide unparalleled insights into our clients’ operations.

We move techniques out of the cloak and dagger world of intelligence and apply them to new areas of business.

Annual M&A Report - 2022

Risky business: European investment conditions and cross-border transactions

October 4, 2022

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08 June, 2023
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Deal Leaders' Summit Iberia 2023

Finding value in an economic downturn through digital transformation and consolidation

Organizer: Mergermarket
18 April, 2023
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Mergermarket M&A Forum Germany 2023

Mergermarket's flagship event for key players in German and cross-border M&A market

Organizer: Mergermarket
03 March, 2023
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Jump Together, The Unveiling

Data driven decision making

Organizer: BuildNN


Obtain the information you need to make better decisions, either about partners or competitors. Build upon this to create and safeguard new opportunities.

M&A Due Diligence

M&A Due Diligence

M&A Due Diligence

Gathering reliable information during the acquisition process is crucial to minimize risk. Managing public announcements, both on the actor side and the receiving side, is necessary to safeguard negotiations. Why worry?

Negative reputation can be friend or an enemy, as it allows to know more about a subject, or it can be built against yourself or your organization by competitors.
We gather and evaluate information globally, both from the media and from confidential, local sources.

We find and evaluate market-entry obstacles, including the market presence of competitors, in order to enable our clients to deploy their resources wisely.

When gathering information, we shape it into intelligence by combining it in a way that gives you the insights you need. The information gathering process is as important as its methodology. We corroborate our reports with sound and documented information. 

Every breach starts with a source. We find that source and gather information about the motives and the means that led to the exposure of your organization.

Although we are the best, we are not the only company conducting corporate intelligence operations.  We help our clients protect their interests thanks to our thorough knowledge of…pretty much everyone in the market.

Whether you are opening a new branch or office, or developing a new infrastructure, we have the competencies needed to assess the local threats that surround it and suggest the actions that should be taken accordingly.


Meet regulatory requirements or support legal claims, uncovering wrongdoing within and outside your organization.

M&A Due Diligence

M&A Due Diligence

M&A Due Diligence

We know the compliance requirements you face and have a way to lighten the burden. Efficient onboarding processes are a challenge: let us take the lead on the necessary escalations you may face.

Have you ever searched for someone on the internet to know more about him/her before conducting business together? There is so much more to know out there. We retrieve all information present on the public domain and known in the market by conducting complex investigations.

Whenever you suspect workplace misbehavior or wrongdoing, we are here to help you know what happened. 

We follow your product from the paper to the shelf, uncovering inefficiencies, wrongdoing or plain simple patent or trademark infringements. 

We have been working for many years alongside law firms and know what they need to strengthen a case.

To support our clients during civil litigation, a criminal investigation, an internal investigation or simply in the context of a regulatory compliance disclosure, we need information.

Integrated discovery is the process of identifying, storing, processing, reviewing and producing information extracted and collected from electronic devices (e-mail, chat, files) and from paper-based archives.

By conducting thorough audits and investigations on your IT and communication systems, we are able to detect, understand and analyze vulnerabilities. Let us protect your customers – and your reputation – with our cyber defense programme.

We are able to navigate all jurisdictions looking for information valuable for your debt collection needs.

Meet the team

Click on the profile to know more.

Tap on the profile to know more.

Marianna Vintiadis
Co-founder & CEO

Antonio Giuseppe Di Pietro

Andrejs Klisans
Country Manager, Germany

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Marianna Vintiadis

CEO & Co-founder

Marianna set up 36Brains leveraging on her experience as Southern European head of a leading American corporate intelligence firm.

Over the last twenty years, she has led some of the most delicate and high-profile private intelligence operations of our time. Additionally, Marianna’s love for technology made her a pioneer of cyber investigations in the Italian market, just as she had earlier done with computer forensics. 

Marianna is keen to share her knowledge and experience and, as such, sits on the Advisory Board of Transparency International and on the Global Advisory Board of the Centre for International Business and Management at Queens’ College, Cambridge.

Antonio Giuseppe Di Pietro


Antonio specialized in international security in Cairo during the last wave of the Arab Spring. 

After a career as an intelligence analyst, he established his own law firm in the field of White-Collar Criminal Law, developing criminal compliance programs for Italian and international corporate clients, as well as representing clients in financial crime-related proceedings. He introduced and established the concept of investigative monitorships in public tenders on behalf of the public sector.

Antonio is currently a Qualified Advisor to the Italian Armed Forces on international humanitarian law. He also NATO-trained in civil-military cooperation. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Italian Red Cross of the Lombardy Region. 

Andrejs Klisans

Country Manager, Germany

Andrejs is the market leader for 36Brains’ operations in Germany, coordinating investigations with private equity firms, law firms, and corporations, primarily on due diligence and reputation audit assignments, internal investigations, and regulatory compliance matters.

Prior to joining 36Brains, he worked in the Business Intelligence & Investigations team of Kroll.

Having lived in six countries spanning four continents and capable of speaking four languages, understanding how cultural subtleties influence behaviour is his trade.

Based in Berlin, Andrejs has operated globally with an emphasis in Germany and Southern Europe.