5th Cyprus Anti-Fraud Conference

In-person event


09 June, 2022 


June 9, 2022 

Our CEO Marianna Vintiadis will take part in the 5th Cyprus Anti-Fraud Conference which will be held on Thursday June 9th at Hilton hotel in Nicosia

Deep fake scams in the metaverse era –digital identity fraud & fintech

As the world becomes increasingly dematerialised, deep fake scams are on the rise. AI voice cloning to divert funds from one account to another is but a simple, yet worrying example, of an aggressive use of technology to commit cybercrimes. What are these new threats, how do they materialise and what are the detection tools available to the modern fraud investigator?

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Bank of Cyprus


Hilton Nicosia Hotel, Nicosia

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url to register: https://www.imhbusiness.com/en/events/5th-cyprus-anti-fraud-conference/#ticket-info-section