How we used social media to track down malicious actors


International Sports Team


Western Europe

In the modern era, social media plays a pivotal role in shaping the public perception of entities, including sports teams. Our client, an international sports team, found themselves at the crossroads of information dissemination, where the rapid spread of adverse information was affecting their reputation. To navigate this complex landscape, they sought our expertise to delve deep into the origins and trends of information flow in social media, leveraging cutting-edge internet investigation tools, big data analytics, and visualization tools.


The challenge was multifaceted, involving the identification of communities where the adverse information originated and understanding the dynamics of these communities. The task was to isolate the influencers within these communities and tie them to real-world entities, thereby unraveling the coordinated reputational attacks targeting our client. The objective was to provide a detailed analysis of the modus operandi of these attacks, offering insights into the trends and patterns in information dissemination on social media platforms.


Our approach was grounded in a systematic methodology that leveraged advanced technological tools to analyze and visualize the data landscape. The solution involved:

  1. Big Data Analytics: Utilizing big data analytics, we sifted through vast amounts of data to identify the specific communities where the adverse information was originating from.
  2. Internet Investigation Tools: Leveraging cutting-edge internet investigation tools, we were able to pinpoint the influencers within these communities, tying them to real-world entities and understanding the extent of their influence.
  3. Visualization Tools: Employing visualization tools, we mapped out the networks and the flow of information, providing a clear picture of how coordinated attacks were carried out.
  4. Detailed Reporting: Our team compiled a detailed report that chronicled the influencers' strategies in carrying out reputational attacks, offering a deep understanding of the tactics employed and the trends in information dissemination.

Through this comprehensive analysis, we were able to offer our client a clear roadmap of the adverse information dissemination, identifying the origins and the key players involved in the coordinated attacks. Our insights empowered the client with the knowledge to strategically counter the reputational attacks, fostering a more resilient and informed approach to managing their social media presence.

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