Corporate Contests

Targeted Intelligence: Leveraging a rich background in various fields to provide targeted intelligence for a fortified defense.

Strategic Defense Planning: Working closely with boards and advisors to devise robust strategies for defense.

Vulnerability Assessment: Conducting detailed research to identify and understand vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Empowered Decision-Making: Facilitating empowered and informed decision-making through deep insights into both the company's and the aggressor's positions.

In the high-pressure scenario of a corporate contest, where control of a company hangs in the balance, we stand as a steadfast ally, working hand in hand with company boards and their advisors to strategize the most robust defense. Our global teams, boasting backgrounds in law, forensic accounting, business, investment banking, investigative journalism, and government, delve deep to research and scrutinize every potential vulnerability, from material omissions in public market filings to undisclosed business associations and governance shortcomings. We empower companies to understand not only their own weaknesses but also those of the aggressors, facilitating strategies grounded in legal positioning, public relations, litigation, and negotiation. Engaging with us means securing a partner that brings targeted intelligence to the forefront, ensuring a fortified defense in the face of hostile actions.

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Corporate Contests