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Prepare to unlock the world of espionage and intrigue as 36Brains delves deep into the shadowy realm of reconnaissance and covert operations.

[Segreta] offers unparalleled insights into the secrets that have shaped our past and present corporate landscape.

Join us on this thrilling odyssey, guided by seasoned experts including an FBI investigator, a former CIA officer, a federal prosecutor specializing in cybercrime, a UK Foreign Service veteran and a detective with a knack for deciphering human behaviour.

Listen as we peel back the layers of undercover activities and unravel hidden governmental and corporate secrets.

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In this episode of Segreta, Robert Grenier, a former CIA operative, takes us back to the 1980s when he was on a mission against a rogue regime. He reveals the challenges of investigating secretive businesses and individuals connected to the regime. Grenier’s recollections showcase the importance of imagination and unconventional methods in espionage. He recounts break-ins into suspect businesses in the pre-computer era and highlights the risks involved.

This episode offers insights into the world of espionage, emphasizing the critical skills of persistence and imagination required for investigators while honouring their dedication to uncovering secrets.


In this eye-opening podcast episode, Richard Knowlton recounts a true story from the early 2000s, where a prominent telecom company, referred to as “Phonia,” found itself in a cybersecurity nightmare. As Phonia merged with a local rival, internal turmoil and a lack of focus on security led to a shocking breach of customer data. The tale unfolds with lessons on the importance of cybersecurity, crisis management, and building a culture of security within organizations.

With legal and regulatory consequences looming, this cautionary tale serves as a stark reminder of the far-reaching consequences of neglecting cybersecurity in the digital age.


In this gripping podcast episode, listeners are taken on a thrilling journey through the real-life cybercrime phenomenon known as the “Unlimited Attacks” that rocked the global financial market between 2007 and 2013. Federal prosecutor Cristina Posa recounts her early involvement in the case, which begins with a Secret Service officer’s visit and a t-shirt clue.

The story unfolds with a blend of old-school detective work and cutting-edge digital investigation techniques, revealing how international collaboration was key to unmasking the audacious cybercriminals responsible for multimillion-dollar ATM heists worldwide.


Learn from Annalisa, a prominent corporate investigator with a wealth of experience. She had been at the forefront of sensitive internal investigations and has worked on uncovering fraud for some of the world’s largest corporations.

Renowned for her astute mind and unwavering commitment to the truth, Annalisa tells Federica Manzitti how she assisted a large corporation when faced with a devious fraud that anyone of us could have fallen for.


Meet Debra LaPrevotte, who served as an FBI Supervisory Special Agent on the International Corruption Unit, seizing over $1 billion from foreign corrupt officials.

In coversation with Federica Manzitti, Debra uncovers the hidden dynamics behind one of the most notable corruption cases of our times, explaining the intricacies of a powerful Nigerian family-business.

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